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RING - 110 X 200 feet/Sand

You must 1st stand your horse up facing left. Horse are to be presented with all legs offset so as judge can have a visual of the inside of the far legs. when they walk in from the horse should be squared up. And continue changing if possible as the judge walks around the horse. when the judge has finished the conformation portion you then walk the small triangle clockwise. Once small triangle is complete you then trot the large triangle and finish by standing up your horse on the point once more.

Size of Triangle may be a bit smaller than pictured​ for the Series.

If you need help with the format please ask we are more than willing to educate as well.

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Hunter In Hand Format

All horse enter the ring at the same time. You will line up where the judge desires. The judge will look over each horse conformation from each side. You will then be asked to jog. Horse are to be stood up with front legs square and hind legs offset.