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(I will allow add ons once you are at the show)

(Entries Accepted up through 48 hrs prior to Show Date)

**Information can be sent to me via Text or Email as well**

Please send all mailed entries too:

MaryAnn Luke

Silver Fern Farm

490 Cherry Grove RD

Earleville, MD 21919

Can be emailed or Call/Texted to:  [email protected]    or    443-466-6077

**Checks to me made out to MaryAnn Luke**

**ALL Triangle Sport Horse Classes are $40.00 each

**All Hunter in hand Type classes are $30.00 each

**Materiale Classes are $25.00 each

**All U/S classes are $20.00 each

**Handlers may be available the day of shows..Please let me know if you are interested in hiring a handler if available? $20/Class

**Photographer will be on site please let me know if you are definitely interested so they can be made aware**

**I will need copy of your Coggins with in 1 year of show date, shots records with in 6 months of show date, as well as a copy of your horses papers to show Breed and age. If you do not have papers then Coggins will count for the age, but you will not be eligible for any Breed awards.