Chateau Bu-De

Wine tastings will be available to pair with you lunch, cupcake, or just try them all! Bottles will also be available to purchase once you pick your favorites!

Poulin Grain

This is the wonderful feed that all Silver Fern Farm horses are on! I am also a supplier for the area. Aaron and Hannah are reps from Rohrer Feeds, they will be in attendance to answer any nutritional questions and get appointments set to discuss your farms needs. They or I will be able to tailor an appropriate diet for each of you animals on the farm. The reason you have not heard of them is that its a private mill in VT. They do NO advertising it's just word of mouth at this point! They choose to put their money into the feeds rather than advertising! They use cutting edge technology, are focused on quality, and you risk no cross contamination with other animal feeds! These feeds are also specially formulated for the East Coast Equine and contain 100% natural Vitamin E and 100% organic Selenium, as well as more pre & probiotics than the rest of the market offers!



We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Catering for the day

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Hemp Bedding

Hemp is paving a new road for us in bedding material. If you have a horse with bedding allergies this should be on your must try list! It is more absorbent than straw or wood, low dust,reduces odor, lasts longer, and is biodegradable and great for composting! Go Green! 


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Two Old Mares

The ladies with be available to drop off or pick up your blankets the days of the shows. Please contact them in advance if you are looking to pick up!